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Wonderful pieces for the wall

The animal world fascinates and surprises over and over. There are beautiful, extraordinary, colorful, fantastic, fun, adorable and wonderful animals. With a base in this universe and with a great love for animals and illustrations, Ping Pong Posters creates tale-telling, decorative posters and cards with simple animal motives, matching today’s interior decoration.



Our newest motives in the field of posters and stickers. We are in a constant creative process developing new motives and designs, never lacking ideas nor inspiration. Do YOU have requests for new motives, then you are always welcome to contact us at shop@pingpongposters.dk. We are open for your ideas and are continuously seeking inspiration in the contact and dialog with our lovely customers. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Buy posters with beautiful, graphic animal motives for your home

Invite sweet, charming, fascinating and wonderful animals into your living room. Buy posters at Ping Pong Posters in Aarhus, Denmark. Poster design in great, fashionable colors, beautiful shapes and evocative environments with the animals most of us love. Here is the opportunity to share your passion for animals by decorating your walls with inviting posters of animals, creating your personal universe. What we surround us with say a lot about, who we are and what means something for us. Maybe you want to share your passion with others, or maybe just enjoy the sight of a beloved motive.

Buy posters in 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 cm

We have several sizes: 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 centimeters. We can produce posters after more specialized measurements for an additional price. The price depends on the task. You are always welcome to contact us.

Wild Life – posters of nature

Buy posters of the wild Nordic animals from the beautiful and harsh Nordic nature.

So far, Ping Pong Posters have designed 9 different poster motives with wild animals, living in the Nordic nature.

The 9 variants in the series until now is:

• The Summer Seagull
• The European Hare
• The Red Fox
• The Red Deer
• The Gray Wolf
• The Peacock
• The Common Buzzard
• The Moose
• The Early Bird


Posters in fashionable colors with animal motives

You can either choose to buy a single poster, but you can also buy posters in series and match them in exciting and interesting set ups mounted on the wall. The posters complement each other and can easily hang together, also across themes. The motives are beautiful and bring life to the room.

• Buy the poster with the Summer Seagull to the bathroom or the summer cottage, where the common denominator is the beach, sun and ocean.

• The poster PEACOCK featuring the peacock will definitely fit into the living room, where the beautiful colors will bring life to the room and match the flowers in their vase, the pillows on the couch and other interiors.

• You can also choose to buy the poster with the beautiful and majestic Common Buzzard, which brings peace and harmony to the room with its natural and light shades.

• The Red Fox with a twinkle in the eye can also be bought. The poster will certainly look decorative in the hallway or the children’s room, where the charismatic, little animal can spread its good energy.

• Or buy the poster with the dashing and fascinating Gray Wolf. The colors and motive will fit well into a boy’s room, if one wishes to be a little bit cool.

• The handsome and proud Red Deer is made for the hunter and nature lover, who wants to enjoy the motive of the striking deer in its right environment.

• The poster with the popular Moose fits beautifully for the staircase or perhaps the weekend cottage? With the dreamy and light course of colors it will fit into most homes

Buy the poster as a present, or spoil yourself with one or more posters with your favorite animal. The posters can be bought in different measurements, therefore fitting into many contexts.

Are you crazy with the Icelandic Horse?

And do you want to have motives of the Icelandic Horse hanging in beautiful and modern color combinations and with simple, graphic lines, fitting into most modern interior design? Ping Pong Posters have designed several poster variants with the Icelandic horse, among others:

• Mare with foal
• Gaits
• Competition dreams
• Morning haze
• Basic Steps
• The Icelandic Horse
• World Championships 2015
• Tölt on Ice
• Allround riding (military for Icelandic Horses)
• The colorful Icelandic Horse
• Blakkur
• Happiness
• Horse Body Language

The posters complement each other nicely, and can therefore easily be hanged either together or separately. Buy a poster for the living room, rider’s lounge, hallway, kitchen, office or children’s room.

Do you like the fascinating and stunning horses?

And would you like to learn more about this magnificent animal, about horseback riding, the different colors of horses and the gaits of the Icelandic horse? Then you can buy educational posters about horses at Ping Pong Posters. We have designed several posters in a series of educational posters. We believe there is important learning in the visual expression. With an illustration explaining a gait, exercise or color, so you can familiarize yourself on the subject without difficulty, even if it can seem tough. With a narrative illustration combined with a simple description of the gait, step of education or variation of color, Ping Pong Posters makes it easier to understand these subjects.

POSTER – The 6 steps on the educational scale of classical riding

The latest and newest poster available for purchasing is a hand-drawn educational poster, showing the basic steps on the educational scale in classical riding. The poster is designed in two variations; one with the horse/pony and one with the Icelandic Horse. A simple yet illustrative way to describe the steps on the educational ladder of the horse, from yearling to a well-trained, strong and content saddle horse. It is intended as an inspiration for the education of a young horse or for each training session. With every step follows a brief description.

CARD – The 6 steps on the educational scale of classical riding

The 6 basic steps are drawn on 6 separate cards in A6 format, depicting the 6 essential elements of the educational scale during the education and training of the Icelandic Horse in a simple and illustrative way. The 6 cards are intended as an inspiration for the education of a young horse and/or for each training session. With every step follows a brief description. Find it here!

The popular poster with colors of the horse

Do you want to learn more about the many different colors of a horse? About the background for the different colors, color breeding and color genetics? Then we have the poster for you! Ping Pong Posters have designed a poster, which illustrates the inheritance patterns behind 24 different horse colors, drawn by hand and drafted in wonderful shades, suitable for all homes. With each illustration follows a short description. Buy the poster and spread joy in a horse lover’s home. Find it here!

Understand the 5 gaits of the Icelandic Horse

  • With assistance from a poster or cards illustrating exactly that. The poster is decorative and expressive, and it eases the understanding of the five gaits the Icelandic Horse offers. Find it here!


Our cards are available in 2 sizes:

  1. 10×15 cm (only selected cards)
  2. 15×21 cm

Our posters are available in 3 sizes:

  1. 30×40 cm
  2. 50 x 70 cm
  3. 70 x 100 cm