Image of Lotte og Rikke

Who are Ping Pong Posters?

Behind Ping Pong Posters stands two graphic designers and artists, Lotte Andreasen and Rikke Locht. Separately and together, we have worked with graphic design, art, advertising, marketing and decoration for more than 30 years.

Why posters?

The idea for Ping Pong Posters occurred in 2014, and the first poster was with the Icelandic Horse as motive. We are both huge fans of the Icelandic Horse, so it was an obvious motive to start with. Subsequently, we have designed more animal posters, one with the world’s most popular pet, the Domestic Cat, among others, and one with the wonderful Labrador Retriever, which is close to many dog lovers’ hearts. We have a great desire to portray many more different breeds of horses, cats and dogs, so it is only a matter of time, when the Arabic horse, the Persian cat and the Coton de Tuléar will get a loving care from Ping Pong Posters.

We also have wild animals on the list. We have for example drawn the gray wolf, the peacock, the European hare and the common buzzard, but we also have ideas to many other animals. And what about birds, fish and insects? The vision is to create something for every animal lover. Please write to us, if you have got a wish for a specific animal – then we will put it on the list.

How do we make our posters?

Many have asked about, how we make the posters…. Whether we drew them ourselves? And yes, we do! We start by seeking inspiration and knowledge about the specific animal, where it is originated from, where it lives, and which abilities distinguishes it? Then we sketch by hand and compose the motive itself with the animal and the surroundings, it will be presented with. Afterwards we work with the hand-drawn sketch on the computer, testing composition, color gradationes etc. When we are 100 % satisfied, the final artwork will be send to one of our preferred high-quality printers. About a week later, we have it on our shelf, ready for sale.

Just joy

It gives us great joy and satisfaction that we can express our creativity in a design and a style, which reflects us and the things, we love. We hope our designs will inspire and spread joy.