Wonderful posters for the living room

Ping Pong Posters helps you create a cozy atmosphere in the living room with animal motives created in gorgeous and fine-tuned colors and tones that fits the living room, the bed room, the hall, the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, the children’s room etc.

Invite sweet, charming, fascinating and wonderful animals inside

Ping Pong Posters designs posters for the living room with many different animal motives. We are faithful towards every single animal and place it in a narrative environment, which highlights the personality and origin of the animal.
Poster design in wonderful and fashionable colors, in beautiful forms and evocative environments with the animals many of us love. Here you have the opportunity to share your passion for animals with others by decorating your walls with inviting animal posters that helps you create your own personal universe. What we surround ourselves with says a lot about who we are, and what matters to us. Maybe you want to share your interests with others, or just enjoying the sight of a beloved motive?

Pictures and posters for the living room

ulve plakatPictures in the living room creates life and brightness, and with Ping Pong Posters’ animal posters you will be able to add something personal for your interior decoration. Beautiful wall decorations can also say something about, who you are. Posters in the living room signals what you like, what you spend your spare time on and who you would like to be. At Ping Pong Posters you’ll find a broad selection of wonderful pictures and posters in many different sizes, colors and motives. In our broad selection you’ll find unique pictures for the wall, created in small prints by the two Danish artists Rikke Locht and Lotte Andreassen.

You will be able to find posters for your home with:

• the popular, dramatic Wolf poster
• the colorful peacock poster
• the narrative and decorative poster with the colorful Icelandic Horse
• the evocative poster with the Labrador Retriever
Our now large selection of colorful and decorative pictures for the wall that suits most rooms. The images are also perfect to the children’s room, for example the cheeky Tod the Red Fox with a sparkle in his eye or the gorgeous Sacred Cat of Burma in delicate tones. The Wolf is also a popular picture for the wall. Have a look at our broad selection of beautiful, hand-drawn images and posters and pick just the right picture or poster that’ll fit into your home and your personal style. No matter if you look for photos, artistic motives, quotation posters or graphic design, then we probably have something, which will fall into your taste.

Buy posters in several posters in different formats and create a wall decoration that is entirely your own

We have several different formats: 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 cm.

You can either choose to buy one single poster, but you can of course also buy posters in series and math them into exciting setups on the wall. The posters suit each other and can easily hang together. Also across themes. The motives are beautiful and brings life into the room. See all of our wonderful posters for the living room here on our site.

Posters in fashionable colors and with animal motives

Are you missing a picture for the wall and do you care about animals? Then Ping Pong Posters will definitely have something for you.

Posters for the home, posters for the living room…

plakat med fugl• Buy the poster with the Summer Seagull for the bathroom or the holiday home, where the similarities are beach, sun and water.
• The poster with the Peacock would definitly suit the living room, where the beautiful colors in the feathercoat can bring life to the living room and match the flowers in the vase, the pillows on the sofa and every other interior.
• You can also choose to buy the poster with the gorgeous and majestic Common Buzzard that with the natural and light color tones brings peace and harmony to the room.
• The Red Fox with its sparkle in the eye can also be purchased. The poster would without a doubt adorn hallway, in the children’s room, where the charismatic, little animal can spread its good vibes
• Or buy the poster with the impressive and fascinating Wolf. Colors and motives would fit right into a boy’s room, if one wishes to be a little cool.
• The majestic and proud Red Deer is created for the hunter and the nature lover, who wants to enjoy the motive of the great Red Deer in its right environment.
• The poster with the popular Moose would fit beautifully onto the stairwell, or perhaps for the summer cottage? With the dreamy and light color sequence, it fits into most homes.

Buy posters as a present, or treat yourself with one or more posters with your favorite animal. The posters are available in different formats, which makes them fit into many connections. Show your interests for animals and nature through pictures on the wall. Then you and many others can enjoy the posters for a little while, or the poster can inspire a chat about a beloved animal.