Are you into posters with animals?

plakater med dyrPing Pong Posters creates motives with all kinds of possible favorite animals. Ping Pong Posters creates posters with many different animal species and animal breeds. We are trying to be truthful towards every single animal and place it into a tale-telling environment. On all our animal posters there are connected a story about every single animal’s country of origin and purpose. We have, for example, the Wolf-poster from the Wild Life series, where the wolf is sitting and howling towards the moon, right in the middle of beautiful tree trunks in the big forest. All Wild Life posters tells a little story, since the motive fits the natural habitat of the animal. Nature- and animal posters are ideal as children’s posters, as they are beautiful and decorative and tells about the animals in their right element. You could call them zoo-posters, but in our version the animals are shown in the nature rather than in a cage. Horse posters are also decorative and popular as children’s posters or nature posters. The horse is a loved and admired animal many people love to have hanging on the wall. Within horse posters, we have developed several educational posters, where you can find information about the gaits of the Icelandic Horse and the 6 steps of classical riding. We have also designed a color poster that says a lot about the many horse colors, and how the colors will appear through different color genes. Entertaining and exciting to look at. And easy to understand, when the illustrations and a small text are combined. We have many different nature posters, poster animals, animal posters with for example:

Are you fascinated by the impressive and a little bit dangerous wolf, then you can buy a wolf poster here

The wolf has always fascinated and terrified the human, and there exists many stories with the wolf as the big threat towards humans. They aren’t always based on reality, though, but myths are not easily shaken off, so the wolf is both loved and hated. Many would like to hang wolf posters on the wall and show that they like this magnificent animal, which reportedly re-establishing itself in Denmark after many years of no-show. Buy the wolf poster for the children’s room as a stunning and fascinating children’s poster, or for the living room, the office etc. The colors are beuatiful, stunning and decorative. The Wolf posters is available in the size of an A5 sheet, 30×40 cm., 50×70 cm. and 70×100 cm.

Are you a cat-person and do you care about the many different cat breeds?

Ping Pong Posters have designed 3 different cat posters. They illustrate 3 different cat breeds – the stunning Sacred Cat of Burma, the gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat and the charming and ordinary Domestic Cat. The cats are placed in their original environment, so every poster has a story of their own about that specific origin of cat breed. Do you think, as we do, that cats are gorgeous and magnificent and deserve to hang on the wall? Then check out our cat posters and buy your favorite poster. We are continuously developing new motives with new cat breeds.

Everybody loves dog posters

Ping Pong Posters have also designed a dog poster with the popular breed Labrador Retriever. A dearly beloved dog breed that with its good-natured mind fits both for hunting and as a family dog. The Labrador is derived from Newfoundland in Canada, which the motive on the dog poster illustrates. The Labrador is standing and scouting across the silent water, and maybe hoping for a last swim before returning home in the beautiful sunset. The poster with both motive and color fits as a children’s poster, as an animal poster for the living room, office etc. The dog posters is available in the size of an A5 sheet, 30×40 cm, 50×70 cm and 70×100 cm.

The wild Nordic animals

Also in the poster series Wild Life, we’ve had an eye for the details. We work for a long time and are being very careful with every single illustration, so there is a perfect balance and harmony in the picture. It means a lot to us that we create motives in a high quality, so our customers are satisfied. The wild, Nordic animals are based on the animals that we surround ourselves with in our Nordic nature.
• Red Fox: Sweet, naughty, amusing and smart, is everywhere in Denmark, both in and outside of the city
• Red Deer: Stunning and majestic, big (like a cow) and thrives in the Danish nature
• Common Buzzard: Elegant and beautiful. Often scouting across the landscape along the freeways
• Seagull: Stays mostly by the water and adapts to all environments, tough and fascinating
• Hare: Very common both on the countryside and in the cities. Sweet and quick with its long hindlegs
• Moose: Giant and very chaming with its big mule and good-natured expression
• Wolf: Smart and crafty, big and daunting. Slowly re-establishing itself in the Danish nature
• Peacock: Beautiful and colorful. Lives in zoos and private homes. Often adorns a manor house.