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The cards are for you, who wants to decorate your home with our nice motives in a smaller size. You can choose between our animal motives: horses, dogs and cats, and our Wild life motives as well. Furthermore, we have a series with the nicest hand-drawn illustrations with the 12 Zodiac signs. We have cards in the size 15 x 21 cm (A5) and in the size 10 x 15 cm (A6), and they all fit into standard measured frames. But it would also look great using a bigger frame and with classical passe-partout of white carton… or how about using a black, matching or contrast colored background. It would also look good with several motives together. Do you for example have both a cat, dog and horse. Then you can line three frames up next to each other horizontally or vertically. The card is printed on a great piece of thick carton and can of course also be used as a congratulations card, when you give presents to those, you care about the most.