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Card: Alrid


ALRID – challenges for the versatile equipage.

ALRID is the abbreviation for ALlround RIDing.

Do you want to challenge yourself and your horse, then the discipline ALRID might be just for you! ALRID is the world of Icelandic Horses’ answer to what is normally known as military for the common saddle horse. However, ALRID consists of 5 disciplines, which are Endurance test, cross country, dressage, gaits and speed. The purpose with these disciplines are, to challenge the versatility of the equipage, as it is required to pass each of the 5 tests to complete the ALRID-competition. At ALRID-competitions there are 4 different levels to compete in, so even the leisure rider can be a part of it.

The card is frameable, fitting into standard frames with the measures 15 x 21 cm. Frames are available in the store.

Also available as a poster 30 x 40 cm
Also available as a poster 50 x 70 cm
Also available as a poster 70 x 100 cm

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15 x 21 cm