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Card: The colorful Icelandic Horse 1


Are you a color nerd? And do you love a specific or several of the beautiful fur colors gracing the Icelandic Horse? Now you will have the opportunity to get a gorgeous hand-drawn motive of the Icelandic Horse with a color description below the illustration. We have drawn 2 different cards, each with 6 different horses/colors. On this card, the colors: Grey Dapple, Bay silver dapple, Chestnut with flaxen, Smokey black silver dapple, Buckskin and Bay pinto are illustrated. The background color is a light petroleum blue, which fits to the light Nordic design philosophy.

The card is also available with 6 other horses/colors.

Kortet fås også med 6 andre heste/farver

Fås også som plakat 30×40 cm
Fås også som plakat 50×70 cm
Fås også som plakat 70×100 cm

The card is frameable, fitting into standard frames with the measures 15 x 21 cm. Alternatively, the motives can be bought attached on a black wooden block for mounting. This solution heightens the motive and gives a raw look. The card can be combined with some of our other motives in different sizes depending on your wishes.

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15 x 21 cm